Promotional paths

There are a few paths you can take to promote your materials:

  1. Friends – this is a great solution for those who are not certain if their work is worth paying attention to (it is) or those who are not familiar with social media. Send your materials to your fellow teachers or librarians. Simply email those who may have some interest in your material. If you feel up to it, ask them to share it with their friends (remember to include your contact information).
  2. Cloud-based documents - if you already know a group of teachers who are interested in your materials, and want to share their own as well, we recommend using something like Google Docs, where everyone can upload files. You can also decide whether others can edit, or just view.
  3. The blog route - create your own blog or website (more information available in a bit). Upload your resources with a CC license. You can also write about your experience collecting and creating the resources – what worked, what your students liked, etc.
  4. Social media - once you’ve created a blog, you can promote it. Take a couple of photographs and upload them to Instagram, or write about it on Facebook.
  5. Audio-video - if you prefer to speak rather than write, the best format for you may be your own YouTube channel or podcast. Decide why what you’re doing is worth paying attention to, and then create your own Youtube Channel or podcast account, such as on SoundCloud. Films and podcasts are also easy to share on a blog. Podcasts can also be added to iTunes and Stitcher.
  6. Networks - still not enough? Take the time to formalize your methods: instead of a single email, create a newsletter, and instead of a disparate group of friends, create a network that meets regularly (ex. once a month through Skype) and shares their experiences.
  7. The pricey version - You know that you’ve created something great and want the world to know. You’ve already exhausted all the previous steps, but you don’t have to stop at the Internet. Look around for educational conferences, meetings, or workshops in your area, and talk about your methods or reach out to collaborate.