Welcome to the course

We sincerely welcome you to the course, created by EduCoop Open Education Cooperative.

“Open Education in Practice” is a course that will take you step-by-step through the world of open education and resources. You’ll learn about existing educational resources and tools that will facilitate the creation of your own materials; you’ll also learn about the licenses that enable you to upload to the Internet, as well as the methods used at Centrum Cyfrowe. We encourage you to create your resources collaboratively, with other teachers or curious allies. And most importantly, we encourage you to enjoy the experience.

Let’s take this journey into openness together!

During the six-week course, you’ll learn:
  • what open education is;
  • which tools and educational methods encourage openness in education;
  • how to utilize the educational use exemption in copyright law;
  • the definition and uses of free licenses and the public domain, and their usefulness when creating open educational resources;
  • how to create your own open educational resources and where to upload them.