Educational methods

You already know what you can include in your own educational resources. You also know what tools we recommend to create them. And you finally know what the final product can look like (remember: pretty much anything). Select a method that you know and like. Below, we present the ones that we discussed during the 1st edition of EduCoop:

Group work - it works in both small and large classrooms, with both young and older students.

Flipped classroom

This is an excellent method to utilize. It leaves basic learning for outside of the classroom (ex. at home) with the help of videos, while classtime is spent engaging with practical exercises. This method can be used for library meetings as well. Its structure is reminiscent of a book club.
You can find more materials here.


This is a method that allows you to dictate the educational process. It relies on flexible work methods, to better attain a specific goal through the use of multiple resources. It can be used for children, teenagers, and adults. The concept comes from the world of technology, where it’s used to manage product creation. Read more here.