Inspire yourself

Education is a part of society. Education is a process. Education comes from different sources. Current educational theories confirm that we need to link together different educational resources, abilities, experiences, creation processes (such as Constructivism and Constructionism), as well as create suitable educational environments and supports. Read more here.

To learn, we require experience, failure, practice, diverse methods and tools, a friendly environment, and empathetic people – all of which we’ll use in this course. We encourage you to work on creating your own educational resources, as well as finding other interested parties. Have you thought of an exercise or activity for the library? Ask someone if it sounds interesting or inspiring. Do you have a great idea? Share it with others. At the beginning, you can create a Facebook page (for people completing the course or interested in open education in your country, for example). Perhaps there you’ll find an educational kindred spirit? We welcome you to the world of openness!