What is the Open Educational Cooperative?

EduCoop focuses on supporting open education in schools, libraries, and cultural institutions. We care about fostering a spirit of collaboration between educators, librarians, and teachers, so that they can discover anew the value and fun in co-creation, learning new subjects, exchanging knowledge, and supporting one another. Teaching and learning can be an adventure, in which you meet incredible people, bravely face reality, think creatively, and create.

EduCoop’s goal is building and perfecting a model of collaboration through building high-quality open educational resources (OER). We’re creating a network of educators who value mutual assistance, cooperating with recipients, other institutions, and specialists from multiple disciplines. This year, we’ve begun including libraries in our scope of work. We also care about improving our participants’ expertise in the use of digital technology and copyright law, Creative Commons, and free licenses.




We’re creating a society open to collaboration. We believe that working together means better work. We’re not afraid to ask questions and turn to experts when it’s needed. We’re building a network of contacts, reaching beyond the walls of the institutions we work in.


We’re creating our own educational materials and sharing them with others. We make use of available materials, which we remix and alter to suit our own needs, then share our changes. We’re careful about the quality of our uploaded materials.


Uważnie obserwujemy zmiany we współczesnym świecie i jesteśmy otwarci na NOWE. Prowadzimy zajęcią wykorzytując otwarte zasoby z różnych źródeł dostosowane do potrzeb naszych uczniów i do nas samych.


We challenge ourselves, cross boundaries, and discover new horizons. We mix work and play, and we’re open to surprises. We don’t forget to feel satisfaction in our work.