Centrum Cyfrowe

This Internet course is the fruit of a multi-year collaboration with Centrum Cyfrowe. The president of the foundation, Alek Tarkowski, has dedicated a few words to this work.


The Open Educational Cooperative (EduCoop) is a project resulting from our multi-year work in the realm of open education. For over 10 years, we’ve been working to popularize the ideas of accessibility and fair use for educational materials as a way to reform current teaching and learning models in Poland. We are also involved in copyright law education, as well as promoting the use of Creative Commons licenses. Our project also pays attention to the development of open education in Poland, which we discuss in our report, „Otwarte Zasoby Edukacyjne w Polsce - uwarunkowania i szanse rozwoju” (Open Educational Resources in Poland: Influences and Prospects for Development).

Our goal is to support the creation of open, digital educational resources through collaboration. We believe that increasing the engagement and expertise of teachers is key to developing open education in Poland.

We are developing EduCoop synergistically with our other projects – especially those concerning collaboration and the use of open resources in the world of culture, including by heritage institutions.

Our work is part of a widespread and international network of organizations focusing on open education. EduCoop finds support through the international Creative Commons Open Education Platform, and Open Education Global. It also supports activities created according to UNESCO open education recommendations.