Assignment 2

In the previous module, you described a lesson and the tools you used to prepare it. In this module, we’ll go a step further:

  1. Describe, as you see fit, a selected exercise – using names, last names, initials, or pseudonyms; you can also give it a title or name.
  2. Add a selected free license to your exercise and think about why you chose this particular license.
  3. Check if your created resource fits the requirements for openness. If not, write down what needs to look different or what needs changing. If you want, make these changes.

You don’t have to work on the same exercise as the one from module one – you can pick a different one, or write something brand new.


We invite you to play around. Can you find all the key words that relate to open educational resources?


Discussion questions:

  1. Can free licenses make your job easier? How?
  2. What are some potential benefits and drawbacks of sharing materials between teachers?