Openness gives us a lot of freedom. That’s why we experiment with different work methods. Try conveying the same information through a film, a podcast made with your students, an infographic, or a board game. Decide which tools work best for each situation.

Here are our suggestions:

We encourage you to create films to watch during the lessons.

Canva and Piktochart are excellent tools for creating images and infographics. With Thinglink you can create interactive posters.

To create interactive presentations, is a reliable tool, which allows you to create your own, well-packaged presentations. It’s easy to move between slides, and add films and music.

Don’t forget about tools for creating quizzes and flashcards, which lately have been rather popular, as well as easy to use. Our suggestions are: Kahoot (quizzes) and Quizlet (educational modules with quizzes).