Being a teacher obviously includes the work you do in school: lessons, detentions, extracurriculars, and field trips. That’s the part that we see day in and day out, which we appreciate and sometimes evaluate. The truth is, however, that a lot of the work occurs at home, at the kitchen table, or between bites of lunch and sips of cold coffee. Your efforts aren’t always noticed at school by management or parents. Thankfully, the world is changing, and we can – or perhaps should – take care that we’re listened to and valued; we should find our audience (even online) and a support group. In other words, it’s worth paying attention to self-promotion (as well as self care).

Find what you’re good at, where you can present it, and find and create the new frontier of education. Alongside self-promotion and sharing your resources, you’ll be working for the common good of open educational resources..